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The Sex Issue: Volume 8

Deadline: February 2, 2013
Publicly Juried: February 4-12, 2013
Opens: February 14, 2013
Fee: $35 for up to 10 images.
Free for Projekt30 members.
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Every year or so, nearly every culture magazine releases a "sex issue"; an edition which pretends to explore the roles of gender and sex in contemporary culture. Invariably they are just filled with "insights" on the dating scene, list's like "10 Ways to Please your Partner Tonight", and advertising designed to increase your insecurities in order to sell beauty products of dubious value.

This Valentine's Day, Projekt30 will host its 8th annual Sex Issue Exhibition featuring artworks which comment upon gender and sex in our society. We are accepting work ranging from the personal, to the political, to the near-pornographic*.

The exhibition will be publicly juried, in a fashion similar to our other publicly juried exhibitions. As usual, the final exhibition will consist of work from 30 artists. Unsurprisingly, our annual Sex Issue exhibition is the most popular and heavily trafficed show of the year.

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* While Projekt30 employs a firm anti-censorship policy, we must be clear we are not looking for artwork that is purely pornographic in nature. Work submitted should have clear artistic merit:
  1. If work is presented that is questionable it will be dealt with by our in-house jurors. We expect the show to be controversial, but also content rich.
  2. If work is submitted that is believed to be in violation of US law, our staff may be be forced to remove it prior to public jurying.
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